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Dată adăugare: February 22, 2013 04:16:06 AM
Author: Replica Watches
Categorie: Arta si Cultura
North American market unique attraction, Brandt company absolutely not "give up the market, so will and make machine heart best version on the North America, to expand the company's business. But because the United States railway table standard limits the foreign products, so Brandt company only settle for second best, the product sells to Canada railway watch market. Of the twentieth century, the Canadian railway network development is very rapid, and railway table not limited sources, so Brandt, longines, true the Swiss company, such as when there are a lot of high quality watch into replica And make machine heart superlative version has four kinds: CCR, CCCR, DR and DDR. In order to and strong American pocket watch competition, use the highest configuration. Presented here is one of the CCCR separate 3/4 edition road, and gem bearing, gold sleeve, Brandt company patent precision vortex type adjustment, gem spring bearing, magnificent fancy grinding (Brandt company called "partridge glasses")... Machine heart and senior U.S. pocket watch no less than, the same beautiful round of beautiful huan. Decomposition machine heart, can see the base board has "Ω" sign, this is the source of modern Europe rice eggplant (see 6)!breitling replica Because of this batch of machine heart outstanding performance, Brandt company get the market fully affirmation, the company's business at the time got rapid development, then will the company name changed to "omega".

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