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Simple Tips to send Bulk of Messages from PC to Mobile Phones

Dată adăugare: August 29, 2011 07:03:58 AM
Author: send sms
Categorie: Auto/Moto
Smart bulk sms service is designed to send bulk of messages from your computer machine to user’s mobile phones by the use of GSM mobile phones or Windows mobile phones. Excellent bulk sms service helps you to connect to your target audiences. Internet, smart, Bulk, messages, text, friends, cell, GSM, Windows, program, application, software, service, SMS, purchase, connected , procedures, computer, laptop, PC, send, family, friends, mobile phones, compose, business, community, advanced Connect your windows based or GSM cell phone to your Pc. Excellent bulk messages application helps you to send text messages in bulk for commercial uses such as product promotion, product advertisements, job alerts and notifications. Smart bulk sms service supports entire windows based, GSM based mobiles phones and pocket PC to send multiple messages to target audiences. if you are non technical and want to send thousands of text messages from your mobiles phone without internet connection then use this service. Program provides very easiest way to communicate with your employees, friends, family, business partners, community, target audience and your clients. Award winning bulk sms service is very easy to use for which no internet connection is required to send bulk messages. Compose and Forward bulk of English or Non English messages. Bulk sms software is designed to send bulk of messages to multiple users or target audiences to promote your new business and offers. Advance Software is developed for special purpose to send thousands of text messages to your customers, clients, business partners; target audience etc. Group text messaging is used in various business sectors such as telecom, business enterprise and advertising agencies etc. Program supports various Windows operating systems like Windows server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows NT etc. Extraordinary features: Bulk messages program is reliable, cost effective and secure way to sends text messages in bulk. Software works on various Windows environments like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows server 2003 etc. Software supports entire windows based and GSM based cellular devices. Advance Bulk messages program easily provides inbuilt advanced mechanism for sending thousands of messages from your PC. About author: Company provides an easiest way to send bulk text messages from your computer to cell phones devices using Windows based or GSM mobiles. Organization is dedicated to fulfill customer needs and requirements and provides economical solution to their problem. For more details: Company: Sms text messaging Email: Website:

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