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Record all typed keystrokes activities of existing user via key logger software

Dată adăugare: April 11, 2012 09:58:48 AM
Author: Computer monitoring
Categorie: Arta si Cultura
Record all typed keystrokes activities of existing user via key logger software Key strokes software is very useful to secretly record all typed keystrokes, user-performed activities (Chat conversations, incoming/outgoing emails or typed URL) on the computer system when you are not presents at your home or in office. Key logger, Keystroke, keyboards, manage, monitor, control, tool, application, software, program, utility, records, activities, capture, invisible, hidden, details, internet, website, visited, URL, instant, chat, video, snapshots. Key logger software is very useful program to monitoring all different types on computer system within fewer spans of time as well as in hidden manner. Software is capable to provide full detail of every single keystrokes type by any known or unknown user on computer systems. Software easily facilitates real time monitoring of entire keyboard working and secretly record/trace all different activities made by different existing user. Software also enables all business organization to check out all employees activities on computer system. Keystrokes application helpful for all parents to keep an eye on kids, children or spouses activities made on computer systems. Software is very efficient to easily record all different kind of activities like Chat conversation, online searches, Typed URL, incoming/outgoing emails, composed emails, typed password or usernames on computer systems in your absence. Software helps all users to keep deep knowledge about all happen activities on computer systems by office staffs or guest user on Personal computer. Software Features: *Key logger monitoring application provides backup of recorded activities details for future reference. *Key logger monitoring utility allows all system owners to receive recorded logs at remote PC with email log feature. * Key logger Software easily records voice chat conversation, clipboard activities and captures windows screenshots periodically at regular interval of time. *Key logger software not only record keystrokes but also facilitates to track entire PC activities that includes voice chats, clipboard activities etc. *Key logger application useful for both Business monitoring and Parental monitoring. About author: is a worldwide famous company website that offers excellent monitoring solution to satisfy all users’ requirements at relevant cost and provides lifetime customer support. For more details: Author Name: Computer monitoring Email id: URL:

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